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JewelTree Chakra Pendants - Now 35% off!!!

JewelTree of Life chakra pendants are based around the beauty and life affirming qualities of trees. Their grounded nature in alignment with the subtle energy centers of the human body resound with the qualities of health & well-being to which we are all entitled.

Julie's intimate connection with the natural world imbues the sacred & divine within each design. The bold and artisanal quality of her castings convey a unique style and unsurpassed quality.
"I LOVE my necklace. Martha, Koelle and I all agree that our heart chakra pendants have tremendously good juju." Bridgette Boudreau, CEO - Martha Beck, Inc.

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Julie Bowes, Soul & Silversmith
One-on-One Coaching

Julie Bowes guides the seeker to the JewelTree of their soul through energetic restoration & heart-centered healing.Through the release emotional debris such as fear, shame, anger, grief and guilt you will discover your highest human potential and resounding JOY.

Julie's Energetic Restoration techniques allow you to tune into your own emotional guidance system where you will recover your authentic Soul, receive profound clarity and prosper in enduring fulfillment and love.
Award-Winning Solutions for the Caregiver & Beyond
"Julie has changed my life with her honesty, caring, wisdom and love. She can undo knots of lifelong problems and help you to find your own way to your own best solutions." Alexis M., CT
Learn Strategies for Mind, Heart, Body & Soul to boost your resilience during challenging times.

Teaches Breathing & Meditation Techniques so that you can manage stress more effectively.

Restore your Fundamentals of Self-Love because “You cannot give what you do not have.” 

Adds Structure so that you feel more in control of your unique caregiving circumstances.

Efficient & Convenient so that you can make yourself a priority with a schedule that works for you.
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